Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, Washington 

I apologize for not writing sooner. My new job has consisted of studying, and I’ve been secretly binge watching 13 reasons why (go watch it if you haven’t already). Since I took a little longer then I intended, I wanted to make this next entry about one of my favorite places in Washington.

IMG_4284I’m starting this out on the first time I saw Lake Crescent. Spruce Railroad Trail was the first place along the lake that I visited. It is approximately 8 miles round trip and barely any elevation gain. You start out walking on a dirt trail and through many trees along the lake. This trail has a lot of history which makes it very unique, and the beauty, of course. There is an old underground railroad tunnel that was built in WWI to deliver Spruce trees.


After about a mile into the hike there is a gorgeous bridge, which is also known as the Punch BowlThe water here is so blue and clear it almost looks fake. The railroad tunnel is right around the corner from the punch bowl. If you decide to go in make sure you have a flashlight. It’s very short and you can make it out on the other side so don’t be too frightened. All of the pictures that I took weren’t appealing due to lack of like in the tunnel. I only finished about 2 miles total of the trail, because there was still so much more I had planned for the day.


Although I didn’t complete the whole hike, I did research and found out this is a very easy hike for 8 miles. Someday I plan on going back and finishing it. This is just one of many things Lake Crescent has to offer.

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This is no exaggeration… Mount Storm King is the hardest hike I’ve ever encountered. It’s 3.8 miles roundtrip (feels like 10 miles) and the elevation gain is 1,780 ft (2,400 ft is the highest point). Don’t do this hike unless you’re prepared for some serious cardio. I started this hike without doing any research so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

There are a lot of switch backs and the entire hike is uphill (makes the way back down somewhat easy). I despised it the whole way, but getting to the top made the suffering worth it. Once you get to the top you can relax, unpack your lunch, and gaze at the amazing view of Lake Crescent. If you’re prepared for a difficult hike I highly recommend Mount Storm King.

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Lake Crescent has a lot to offer. Swimming, boating, hiking, camping, weddings, wildlife, and there’s a even a restaurant there with a small gift shop inside. It is by far my favorite lake in Washington. I have several plans on going back this summer, I don’t mind the long drive one bit. If you ever make your way up to the Olympic Peninsula, please do yourself a favor and stop by Lake Crescent. You won’t regret it.

Thanks again for reading!



Lake Crescent is located about 30 minutes west of Port Angeles off of highway 101.


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