Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls, Oregon, USA

It was a little tough figuring out which hike to pick for my first entry. I considered starting with my favorite hike, but it makes more sense to start with one that is more fresh in my head.

No backpacks, water, or snacks required on this easy trail. The only thing you’ll need is your camera and maybe a rain jacket from the waterfalls splashing you. I completed this family/pet friendly 2 mile hike on Sunday with my boyfriend and his dog Bella. 

The path starts out fairly smooth following a creek the whole way up. On the way you cross over multiple bridges. One of them is built over a small waterfall, pictured below (this is one of the times you’ll need your rain jacket on).


The trail is a bit rough due to the crazy weather we’ve been having. There’s a tree that has fallen over, and a couple piles of rocks. Nothing too difficult, but I would also recommend wearing shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

After following the trail for about a mile you come to the Wahclella falls. It’s beautiful, secluded, and would make a great place to cool off during Summer.

Whenever you decide to stop admiring Wahclella, there’s a loop that takes you back around and connects to the trail. Or you can turn around the way you came. Either way, it will be the same distance. If you decided to take the loop, there is a huge snow pile that you will have to climb over. This is where we got a little muddy, but Bella loved it!

If you’re looking to do an easy hike with a gorgeous waterfall, I would highly advise checking out Wahclella falls. It’s located in the gorge along the Columbia river in Oregon. This is a great one for beginners and experienced hikers. Since this is such an easy hike, it’s a busy one with lots of people. Thank you again for joining me on my adventures! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 


Before I finish, here’s a photo of Bella enjoying the hike. Ignore the tacky pink leash. 


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